Built for softball — not baseball.

You need tools created for your sport, not reverse engineered for it. So we built them. SoftballCloud is the flexible SaaS suite built for your team to ingest performance data from anywhere and provide powerful insights and solutions across your entire organization.

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Our solutions

The SoftballCloud data suite digests information from all major resources — making it the most flexible, scalable, & accurate set of software solutions in market. With a team full of former players, analysts, scouts, and seasoned engineers, we create innovative tools that leverage the powerful combination of data and technology.

AnalyzR demo

AnalyzR turns raw data files into custom analytics deliverables, allowing you to track your organization’s performance indicators after each training session and over the course of the season. Deliver a range of valuable automated insights — from opponent scouting to pitching reports — with speed, clarity, and efficiency.

BallR logo
BallR Screenshot

BallR is the most advanced softball visualization tool in market, focusing on the moment of pitch release by pairing grip data, spin metrics, and video for contextual analysis. Catalog pitch grips throughout your organization, share pitch design goals for the off-season, and compare outings all on the same screen.

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The latest visual creation tool to show data for player development, education, and more. Our 3D platform digests the latest ball tracking, motion capture, & sensor data and displays it in innovative ways — all in real time — providing unparalleled insight and metrics for further analysis.

Our partners

We’re proud to work with some of the best softball organizations in the world — from USA Softball to titans of the collegiate game. Interested in learning more about how SoftballCloud can take your team to the next level? Contact us below.

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